The city of Cologne has taken the next step towards introducing modern urban mobility solutions. In March 2019, the city of Cologne entrusted the administrative committee with the task of examining the feasibility of a cable car system across the Rhine. The aim was to develop a preferred option, taking into account the technical feasibility and passenger potential, to examine its integration into the city’s existing public transport network and thus enable a suitable public transport connection between the right and left banks of the Rhine.

MRK Management Consultants GmbH was commissioned to provide technical and organizational advice to Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG (KVB). In addition to preparing, supporting and following up the tendering process, MRK was primarily responsible for monitoring the content and evaluating the results of the commissioned planning office as well as moderating and advising during the commissioning process.

The study prepared by external specialist planners, which has been available since April 2023, confirms that the “Rheinpendel” cable car system could be a useful addition to Cologne’s public transport network. The section between Cologne Zoo in Riehl and Deutz harbor was identified as particularly promising.

First of all, various cable car types and cabin configurations were evaluated in order to be able to select a preferred option. Based on this, a suitable operating concept was developed, an initial rough cost estimate was made and funding opportunities from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government were presented. Due to the positive results of the investigation, the study recommends that the project be continued and transferred to the next planning phase.

The city of Cologne is currently working on a strategic concept for the mobility transition, the “Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan” (SUMP). This plan aims to drive forward the transport transition in the city while taking sustainability aspects into account. The “Rheinpendel” project is integrated as a key component of this target scenario and the corresponding development of measures. The administration recommends that the project be considered as part of the overall transport plan and integrated into the overall strategy for the expansion of public transport in Cologne.

MRK Management Consultants looks forward to continuing to support and accompany innovative projects in the field of urban mobility in the future. Interested parties who would like to learn more about urban and tourist cable cars and their potential in public transport are cordially invited to contact us for a non-binding exchange.

Further information on the “Rheinpendel” project and corresponding plans can be found on the City of Cologne’s homepage and on its council information system.