Mobility & Transport

People's need for mobility remains unbroken and traffic, especially in urban areas, will pose a huge challenge in the coming years. We are looking for promising and environmentally compatible solutions that integrate new modes of transportation and new technologies.

We at MRK support you from the initial review to the successful implementation of your project.

New Drive Systems & Energy

The transformation of diesel and gasoline vehicles towards electro mobility and hydrogen technology with corresponding energy supply, keyword sector coupling, represents an enormous future task for industry, science and the public sector. The aim is to identify the right levers and create a smooth transition.

Actively shape the transformation with proven and new MRK methods.

Infrastructure & Communication

Barrier-free multimodal mobility stations, new open quarters for residential purposes, research, trade and industry based on the best infrastructure and innovative communication technology, such as 5G.

In cooperation with MRK Media AG, MRK GmbH offers jointly coordinated solutions.


Digitization is more than the implementation of new technology. Focussing on the customer, designing new value chains, identifying promising potentials and implementing them in new business models.

MRK offers process models in every phase of the project.

Process and Project Management

The markets are developing more and more dynamically, cross-industry cooperation is becoming increasingly important, new partner networks are emerging. Reduce time-to-market using innovations.

MRK's agile process and project management saves time and money and ensures the desired results.



Know-how and Transfer of knowledge

Securing existing knowledge and building know-how in new technologies and methods as a decisive competitive factor for public and private sector organisations. Being competitive regarding the best employees and talents.

MRK accompanies the build-up of knowledge and ensures transparency.

Clients (Selection)