In local passenger rail transport, energy costs account for ten percent of total costs; in long-distance passenger rail transport, the figure is lower due to less frequent stops. In rail freight transport, the share of total costs is as high as 20 percent.

Although the market for driver assistance systems in the rail transport sector is broadly diversified, there have so far been hardly any opportunities for interested users to obtain specific information about different products, their possible applications and best practice in implementation. In order to pool knowledge in this area, Allianz pro Schiene e. V. has launched the project “Fahr umweltbewusst! Reducing energy consumption in rail transport through the use of driver assistance systems”, the Pro-Rail Alliance commissioned the creation of a market overview. It is the first survey in Germany to cover the existing range of driver assistance systems for rail transport in the DACHL countries – i.e. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. It systematizes the products, provides information on the areas of application and documents user experiences with regard to obstacles and drivers in practice.

The information and results of the market research form the basis for a structured dialog between suppliers and potential users of driver assistance systems as the project progresses.