As one of three simultaneous projects of the VRN’s Big Data Initiative, the transport data map lays the foundation for a big data platform and the applications based on it.

The aim of the project was to identify and record existing and potentially significant information in the VRN area and to transfer it, together with relevant metadata, into a data catalog that ensures ongoing clarity and up-to-dateness and thus enables quick access when required.

As part of the project, MRK carried out a comprehensive analysis and documentation of the existing data situation, including the systems, interfaces and processes used for data processing within the organization, in addition to managing the project.

In addition, further information and data influencing customers’ choice of transport was identified and transferred to a new data catalog using the DCAT-AP metadata standard. The project also included the development of an approach for an organizational and maintenance model, as well as the creation of a wiki for VRN’s internal knowledge management.

The project was carried out from July to November 2020.