Responsible body

Over 120 million vacation guests and 500 million overnight stays make the Alpine region a central and highly sought-after recreational area for Europe. Nevertheless, areas that do not have any well-known natural or cultural monuments or sports and event venues have to fight for visitors. On the way to the highlights of the Alps, these structurally weaker regions are almost exclusively passed through, although these regions could also offer numerous special features to those seeking recreation. In addition to the lasting environmental impact, these weaker regions lack opportunities to arouse the interest of both day-trippers and holidaymakers for their location and to generate economic added value from this. The aim of the project is to provide suitable data (visibility of landmarks depending on position, direction of travel and seat) and the vehicle’s location on the bus via position (Galileo) and direction of travel (on-board computer of the vehicle) to ensure that the information is reliably assigned to the traveler’s query and that the traveler is notified in advance of upcoming visible landmarks.