As part of its transformation into a mobility network, VRN would like to offer various services in the future that both influence traffic and offer individualized mobility solutions specifically for individual users.

Due to the large amount of data that needs to be processed, a modern big data environment is required that is able to record and process all mobility-relevant data in the network area and make it available to the VRN and its users in real time. The VRN’s objectives with regard to the implementation of this big data environment include:

  • the development of know-how
  • the implementation of a proof of concept
  • setting up the productive environment
  • the continuation of application development to achieve the overarching goals.

The MRK is responsible for project management and supports the VRN in project coordination, preparation and completion, as well as in finding decisions and solutions. It prepares technical content, provides impetus and assesses risks. In addition, they support VRN with regard to all tasks relating to the preparation and implementation of the awarding of services as part of the measure and provide technical advice, particularly in the selection of applicants and tenders.