The in-house development works together with open source software. This means that no commercial software other than PlaNet is required.

Sub-components of PlaNet are

  • Development of expansion plans for districts and municipalities for the development of underserved areas with regard to broadband Internet
  • Recording and applying for locations and routes for the implementation of downstream expansion measures
  • Implementation of comprehensive planning (from PoP to end cap) on the basis of approved locations and routes
  • PlaNet rough planning: FTTX expansion planning in accordance with the federal broadband funding program
  • PlaNet preliminary and structural planning as required
  • PlaNet approval planning: building applications for network technology and routes
  • PlaNet Implementation planning: Fine/detailed planning of FTTX projects at the level of routes, empty conduits, cables and fibers; creation of splice plans, shaft plans, joints and small elements
  • PlaNet profitability calculation