In order to achieve a reduction in motorized private transport and its environmentally harmful effects, the means of transport of the environmental network are to be strengthened. By interlinking cycling, sharing services and local public transport, Dresden’s public transport operators want to create a multi- or intermodal service that makes the use of public transport more attractive.

Intermodal mobility points will be created at central points in the city, where the various services such as car sharing and bicycle rental systems will be made available close to public transport. Users will be able to use both new and existing mobility services via a mobility platform by registering once (“single sign-on”). To this end, the information and booking systems that have operated side by side to date must be merged. In addition, multi-modal and, in a further step, intermodal routing is to be implemented.

In the realization phase of the platform implementation, MRK assumes the function of project manager. In the first part, this service includes support in the tendering process for the platform implementation. In the second part, MRK ensures the smooth implementation of the project as the interface between the project management (Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe) and the service provider implementing the platform solution.