Public transport authorities

Incomplete or out-of-date information and limited access to information make it difficult for travelers to find out about available services and the operation of local public transport. This is particularly true for journeys that cross national borders.

Although modern technical systems for data collection and information provision have been established in Bavaria and Salzburg in recent years, unresolved legal, organizational and economic framework conditions continue to prevent efficient cooperation between the players on both sides of the border. As a result, cross-border passenger information in public transport remains unsatisfactory.

In the LUPO SABA project (cross-border project between the state of Salzburg and the Free State of Bavaria), MRK supported its client in submitting applications for coordinated impact projects in cross-border public transport in the model regions of Salzburg and Berchtesgadener Land. The aim of the projects is the long-term improvement of processes and systems in cross-border planning, operations control, passenger information and quality assurance as well as their successful application in daily practice.