In the current discussion about an attractive, contemporary connection to the new city district at Cottbusser Ostsee, an innovative project is coming into focus: the planning of an urban cable car to connect the main railway station with Cottbusser Ostsee. A comprehensive feasibility study carried out by MRK Management Consultants in collaboration with the Ropeway Project Group sheds light on various aspects of the project that are relevant to the decision to realize the cable car.

The study aimed to evaluate the technical, economic and political feasibility of such a cable car connection. The focus was on two different route options. This investigation included both the detailed planning of the cable car infrastructure and the consideration of its integration into the urban context and possible effects on the local population.

Necessary infrastructural elements such as supports, garages and station locations were identified and evaluated. As part of a cost estimate and subsequent profitability analysis, initial financial investigations of the project were carried out based on the results of the infrastructure planning and traffic volume estimates.

The study also looked at the political and legal framework, including the discussion about provincial cable car laws and the possibilities of financially integrating the cable car into local public transport.

The feasibility study was successfully completed, with the results of the study confirming the feasibility and advantages of the project. The next recommended steps are in-depth planning to further refine and evaluate the project. The focus here will be on carrying out a standardized evaluation and comparing it with another study carried out for a streetcar connection. A comparison of the transport systems is crucial to enable a comprehensive and objective evaluation of the cable car project and to identify the best transport solution for Cottbus.

For further information on the project and future developments in the field of urban cable cars or innovative mobility concepts, please do not hesitate to contact us.