As part of our core business, we advise local authorities, transport associations, transport companies, start-ups and private and municipal companies on the preparation, application and management of their funding applications.

Depending on the requirements of the funding program or client, MRK takes on the following tasks, among others:

– Advising the client on suitable funding programs and calls for proposals for the intended project as well as the funding conditions

– Coordination with the project sponsor or funding body on behalf of the client to discuss framework conditions, funding quotas or specific questions

– Preparation and finalization of the necessary descriptions of the funding project: (description of the content of the project with a focus on the funding object and focus)

(Creation of a work package structure)

(Preparation of a time and milestone plan)

(Formulation of specific explanations, e.g. on environmental impact or sustainability aspects)

(cost calculations for personnel, material resources, travel, etc.)

– Support in researching partners, service providers or suppliers and obtaining proof of costs / offers

– Reviewing and compiling all relevant documents required to prepare and submit the funding application

– Support with the submission of documents via electronic tender and application systems (e.g. easy Online)

– Support in the management of follow-up requests and concretization vis-à-vis the project sponsor or funding body

Some of the funding programs successfully processed by MRK include:

– Retrofitting diesel buses

– Electromobility funding guideline

– Digitalization of municipal transport systems

– Model projects to strengthen local public transport

– Mobility data architecture for innovative applications (MobiArch BW)

– Broadband consulting of the federal government (white spots; future gray spots)

– …

Extensive project proposals were drafted, e.g. on the topics of digitalization, smart cities, broadband, data-driven mobility innovations, digital & sustainable business models, big data platforms and applications, cycling, autonomous driving, multimodal applications and ridepooling