Our aspiration is making our employees proud by letting them be part of change.

About MRK Management Consultants GmbH

MRK Management Consultants GmbH is an internationally active management consultancy founded in 1971 with strong implementation expertise. We work with public and private business partners to develop forward-looking solutions with a focus on infrastructure, digitalisation, mobility and energy.

Constant change determines our lives.

The challenge and opportunity for all companies and organisations is to successfully shape this change and use it for themselves. Our claim "Demand Visionary Thinking" shows that we take this challenge very seriously and develop innovative solutions that are new, unique and most suitable for the respective situation. We accomplish this task according to the 4-step maxim: Understand - Vision - Act in Partnership - Success.  
Constant change determines our lives.


      With headquarters in Munich and branches throughout Germany, including in Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Dresden, Nuremberg, Bremen, Bamberg and Forst (Lausitz), MRK not only successfully handles projects in German-speaking countries, but also internationally. Our clients include public clients such as ministries, districts, municipalities, communities and cities, as well as private clients such as energy suppliers, public utilities, transport associations, transport companies, associations and clubs, and many more.    


Our team of motivated consultants, project managers and project leaders has academic degrees in business administration, transportation, geography, computer science, energy, process automation and economics as well as commercial training. Thanks to the intensive exchange with the sister companies MRK Media AG, Institut für Softwaresysteme & Consulting (ISCons) and AGS Advanced Geo-Engineering and Services GmbH, we can ensure a regular transfer of knowledge between the companies of the MRK Group and draw on a large pool of experience and resources.


It is our declared goal to actively shape the future of our customers, to prepare them for change and to accomplish it together with them. MRK can create added value, be creative in the concept phase, and generate a positive implementation atmosphere in the implementation phase, especially where many partners come together and the complexity poses special challenges to all involved.

Company formation

MRK as an agency for marketing & advertising

McDonalds market launch in Europe

A successful major order from MRK

Municipalities and administrations

Establishment of the new business unit


Expansion and internationalisation of the MRK

Factory restructuring

Transfer of technology to India

Branch office in Torgau near Leipzig

Development of the industrial and commercial area in Torgau

Management Consultants

Change of name of MRK with focus on the current focus of activity

Building the partnership in Prague

Planning of several transport infrastructure projects and a bioethanol facility in the Czech Republic.

Change of management

The managing director Dr. Imke Germann takes over the management.

Relocation of headquarters

Relocation to the current location in Munich


Conclusion of data transfer agreements for Bavaria for the World Soccer Cup

DEFAS - Telematics Initiative

Implementation of the state-wide real-time information system of Bavaria

Replacement of the Advisory Board

Mr. Dieter Wellner, retired Ministerialdirigent, becomes a member of the MRK Advisory Board


Opening of the Luxembourg branch


Establishment of a project office in Stuttgart

Competence Center

Opening of the Dresden Competence Center in Saxony and founding member of ITS Saxonia

Replacement of the Advisory Board

Professor Dr. Oliver Michler of the TU Dresden becomes advisory board of the MRK

Project launch in rail transport

Kick-off for the project "Drive Environmentally Conscious - Reducing Energy Consumption in Rail Transport through the Use of Driver Assistance Systems"

Project kick-off of a scientific study

Parking Infrastructure of the Future for Autonomous Cars (PIZAA) - Project kick-off for the preparation of the scientific study

Project launch in the field of Mobility Transformations

Kick-offs for the projects EASYRIDE, DVB MOBI load book, DVB MOBI project management and MinervaBW - MRK accompanies and advises clients comprehensively on "mobility transformations" (autonomous driving, information and distribution platforms, Big Data landscapes and many more) in various projects throughout Germany

Project launch in Brazil

Kick-off Future Mobility for São Paulo - Traffic optimization in São Paulo (Brazil) by connecting and controlling traffic signals using 5G

New projects in the mobility sector

Urban ropeways, mobility concepts, Internet of Things, electrification of commercial vehicles and buses - project launches with municipal and government clients to develop smart cities and regions and rethink mobility.


In addition to Dr. Imke Germann, Mr. Andreas Küster will be Managing Director of MRK Management Consultants GmbH