MRK Management Consultants GmbH has handed over the feasibility study “Hochtaunuskreis tourist cable car” to its client Hochtaunuskreis. As part of the project, a comprehensive feasibility study was carried out to examine the technical feasibility and environmental compatibility of a cable car connection from Oberursel to the summit of the Großer Feldberg. The aim of the study was to create an environmentally friendly and attractive transport link to solve the existing traffic problems at the summit.

The study included the development of route variants, the placement of supports and stations as well as the calculation of their rope routes. In addition, environmental studies were carried out on this basis and protective measures were proposed. The economic feasibility study took into account investment, operating and life cycle costs as well as average visitor numbers. In addition, the eligibility for funding, the legal basis and the protection of local residents were outlined.

In summary, two route variants were developed that would make the project highly cost-effective even at low ticket prices. The proposed system is a monocable gondola lift with a cabin capacity of ten people, which enables the comfortable transportation of people with limited mobility as well as baby carriages and bicycles.

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