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Demand Visionary Thinking

We support you through all phases of a change process in the realisation of your future vision. 

MRK Management Consultants GmbH has been a successful target-oriented management consultancy since 1971. MRK supports its clients according to its slogan - DEMAND VISIONARY THINKING- by creating innovative solutions and actively taking part in the implementation of all technical, organisational, economical and informational matters. 

Our wide-ranging portfolio of completed projects have included those in the fields of transport, energy, telecommunication & networks, infrastructure, automotive and non-profit. 

Company Foundation



GER Munich 

Subsidiaries (8)

GER Munich
GER Stuttgart
GER Berlin
GER Braunschweig
GER Torgau
GER Dresden
LU Luxembourg
CZ Prague

Managing Directors

Dr. Imke Germann
Herbert Köpplinger

Company Founders

Dr. Günther Maier-Gerber
Prof. Hans-Dieter Ruf
Joachim Kärcher


Employees with a degree in... 

...Business Economics
...National Economics
...Computer Science
Business Administrators
Project Managers


MRK Management Consultants GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008


                            We support you 
in all phases

We offer our services to you and your employees across the entire value chain - from initialisation, conception and detailed planning through to the active implementation and operation. Thanks to our independence,  we are able to achieve optimal results when selecting tailor-made system solutions and implementing them efficiently in your company. The goal is to successfully position your company in both today’s and future markets. 

01 Initialisation

You have an idea or are at the very beginning of a project and need a basis for decision-making.

  • Project Design  -  Comprehensive feasibility study
  • Political Engineering - Development of management templates
  • Mediation - Agreeing on the project content and its realisation with all members
  • Financial Engineering - Identification of financing methods

02 Conception

You agree with all participants on the basis for decision-making based on a concept

  • Guidelines and master plans
  • Rough concepts
  • Detailed development of system architectures
  • Identification of roles and processes
  • Setting up business processes and models
  • Interface conception
  • Grant applications / financing concepts
  • Development of project organisation and time frames
  • Expert opinions
  • Communication concepts
  • Coordination with the parties involved

03 Detailed Planning

The starting signal for the project has been taken and you prepare the implementation during the detailed planning phase.

  • Creation of technical and commercial specifications (tender documents)
  • Time and resource planning
  • Financial and liquidity planning
  • Implementation planning (roll-out)
  • Coordination and synchronisation with relevant internal and external projects 

04 Implementation

You are at the stage of implementing your future vision.

  • Tender
  • Award
  • Support during the specification phase
  • Project management
  • Project and system control
  • Project controlling
  • Dealing with regional authorities
  • Quality assurance and documentation
  • Organisational and technical implementation on site 
  • Support during the testing phase 
  • Final acceptance of the subprojects and the overall project 

05 Operations

You agree with all participants on the basis for decision-making based on a concept.

  • Process analysis and optimisation
  • Operating models
  • Implementation of new operational concepts
  • Resource planning and control
  • Staff and material planning
  • KPIs and Management Information Systems
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Quality management
  • Audits and certifications
  • Sustainability studies
  • Training of processes and the required IT programs 

              constant change   
controls our lives.



To make this change successful and beneficial is both a challenge and an opportunity for all companies and organisations.

Our slogan ‘Demand Visionary Thinking’ shows that we take this challenge extremely serious and that we develop innovative solutions which are new and unique.

Our goal is to actively shape the future of our clients, to prepare them for the change and to implement the changes together.

Where many partners come together and the complexity of the situation is a particular challenge to all concerned, MRK can add value, be creative in the design phase and create and maintain a positive ‘can do’ atmosphere.

To achieve this task we use the 4-step maxim:

Understanding your needs – Vision – Action based on partnership – Sustained success

Understanding your needs - The basis of all strategy development is a comprehensive understanding of an individual business situation. A detailed analysis will then come into being.

VISION - we always question the tasks to be performed, potential solutions and review laws which have been passed down. together with our clients, we develop a management concept based on new, innovative approaches SO THAT THEY REMAIN competitive in the future. 

action based on partnership- the implementation of the developed strategy is the main focus. HAVING A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PROJECT INCREaSES the acceptance of and identification with our approaches, which in turn accelerates the implementation. 

sustained success - after every project, we carry out quality measurements and an evaluation. we feel responsible for the sustained success of our clients. 



– MRK acts independently in all decisions. We stand up for our beliefs for the benefit of our clients and their sustained development. 


– As a family-owned company, we feel responsible for all generations that practice our corporate values and use them to shape their future. 


–The basis for the success of a project is an homogenous cooperation between all participants. We involve our customers throughout all stages of the project. Integrity, fairness and reliability characterise our work


– Entrepreneurship means opportunity and challenge, growth and success. It is the engine of a company and comes with a high degree of responsibility. Therefore, we develop and advance the careers of our employees and motivate them to take responsibility in thinking and acting. 


– Our goal is to achieve excellent quality at every step in both thinking and acting. In order to achieve outstanding solutions and results, we do not measure ourselves by the tasks themselves but by the extent to which they exceed expectations - before, during and after the completion of the project. 


–Change and new situations require existing structures to be questioned and consequently leads to visionary thinking.  We contribute to a fast and sustained achievement of your goals. This requires courage - the courage to take action and the courage to implement innovative solutions in order to create sustainable results which anticipate the cycle of change. 



Due to our high flexibility, we are able to respond to new and changing demands of our customers immediately- we offer individual tailor-made, innovative solutions which are exclusively orientated towards the overall success of a project and its subsequent satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is the benchmark for the quality of our work. In order to guarantee this at all times, we work together with a global network of experts.




Through the constant exchange and the systematic use of our international network with motivated and productive management consultants, as well as partners and institutes who complement us perfectly, a synergy is achieved for the benefit of our clients. 

Our consultancy network comprises of: 

  • Acknowledged specialists for the various problem areas of successful entrepreneurial activities (architects, mediators etc.)
  • Other management consultancies to which a close relationship has developed due to a long-term successful cooperation.
  • Universities and Research and Development Organisations which contribute new scientific insights and methods to the cooperation. 

MRK is a member of the following associations and societies:

  • ITS-Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
  • ITS-Munich, Munich
  • ITS-Saxonia, Dresden
  • ITS-Niedersachsen, Braunschweig
  • Allianz pro Schiene
  •  Association of Aviation, Space and Satellite Navigation  in the Federal State of Bavaria (bavAIRia e.V., Gilching)
  • Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV e.V.), Cologne
  • DVWG Bavaria, Munich
  • Cities for Mobility, Stuttgart

 successful on the market since 1971 


1971 - Company Foundation

Foundation of MRK as a marketing and advertising agency 

1971 – Launch of McDonalds in Europe 

First successful large assignment 

1974 – Municipalities and Administrations

Formation of a new business division 


1980 - Expansion

Expansion & Internationalisation of MRK

1987 – Factory Restructuring 

Technology transfer to India 



1994 – Branch in Torgau near Leipzig 

Development of an industrial and commercial park in Torgau 

1997 - Management Consultants

Renaming of MRK with the focus on current core business 

1998 - Establishment of a Partnership in Prague

Planning of several transport infrastructure projects, as well as a bioethanol plant in the Czech Republic. 


2001 – Management Changes

The Manager, Dr. Imke Germann takes control at MRK 

2005 - Relocation

Relocation to its current site in Munich

2006 - DEFAS-Bavaria

Completion of data licensing contracts for Bavaria for the football World Cup 

2007 - DEFAS-Telematics Initiative

Implementation of the nationwide real-time information system in Bavaria 



2011 - Board members replaced 

Dieter Wellner, Assistant Director (a.D.), becomes MRK’s advisory board member 

2012 - Luxembourg

Opening of our branch in Luxembourg 

2012 - Stuttgart

Construction of a project office in Stuttgart 

2014 - Competence Center

Establishing of a Competence Center in Dresden, Saxonia and Founder of ITS Saxonia